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Cryptcoinminer is the supplier for your mining hardware, because of our many years of experience with GPU, ASICS and FPGA mining, we have become a very stable player on the market. You are assured of the fastest delivery, best guarantee conditions and free installation service on every mining purchased!


Free pre-configuration and set-up are included in all online crypto miner purchases.


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Crypto is the future!

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a logical “next step” and are on the verge of becoming a popular payment method in the future. This emerges from the market study by researchers at Imperial College London and the trading platform eToro, in which the role of traditional currencies was assessed and how close the cryptocurrency had come to fulfillment.

“The world of cryptocurrency is evolving just as quickly as the collection of confusing terminology that goes with it. The decentralized technologies have the potential to improve everything we thought we knew about financial systems and financial assets.”

GPU mining

Gpu mining is nowadays suitable for mining on Asic proof algorithms, such as Cryptonight for Monero. There are a number of algorithms that use high bandwidth memory which means that it is impossible to mine those algorithms with Asics. This is because the Asic chips can only mine parallel algorithms, this limits the Asic machines compared to GPU miners. Another big advantage of Gpu mining is that the miner can be used flexibly on multiple coins. In contrast to Asics that are only programmed to mine 1 algorithm.

We can deliver all Gpu miners directly from stock or with a delivery time of only 14-21 business days. We carefully assemble all Gpu miners so that you are assured of the best hardware / parts. Thanks to our many years of experience in building Gpu miners, we know which parts are neccesary for years of mining pleasure. We subject every miner to a 24-hour stress test so that you are assured of a properly functioning mining machine. In addition, we adjust the components so that the best profit / power ratio is achieved and you are assured of the highest possible return.

Plug and Play Mining rigs

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ASICs mining

Asic miners are only suitable for mining parallel algorithms (coins). They can also mine only 1 coin and can therefore not be used flexibly on different algorithms (coins). Because of this, you as a customer will have to make the choice which coin you want to mine. The advantage of Asic miners over Gpu miners is the high speed and the lower entry costs. Asic miners often only have a 6-month warranty, which makes the investment a lot more risk-sensitive than Gpu miners. In addition, we have an in-house research and development team that can repair almost any Asic miner should it break down during the warranty period.

Through years of contact with our Chinese supplier, you are assured of the best and fastest delivery condition of Europe! We can supply almost every Asic miner directly from stock from our Chinese suppliers, so that you are assured of high returns.


Benefits FPGA Miner:

High speed
Guaranteed ROI
Low power consumption
In-house software development
Hosting solutions
3 year warranty
Lifespan 6+ years

FPGA mining

Fpga mining is the newest and most efficient way of mining currently on the market! Fpga miners can mine both High Bandwidth memory algorithms and parralel algorithms. In addition, the Fpga chips are very flexible and can mine any coin if the software has been developed for this. Fpga mining is the most efficient in terms of speed and power consumption. Fpga mining is quite complex for more info contact us then we can explain everything from A to Z.

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