The used only 80% new More than Antminer S9 S7 V9 Ebit E9 better


Used BTC BCH miner Asic Bitcoin Miner WhatsMiner M3 10.5T-11.5T 0.17-0.18kw/TH Better Than Antminer S7 S9 Ebit E9 used miner only 80%-90% new



The whatsminer M3-11.5TH/S overclocking version is an ASIC Bitcoin miner with a 28nm chip.
Mining machine parameters
Product model: whatsminer M3-11.5TH/S overclocking version
Machine hash: 11.5 t / s plusmn 5%
Wall power consumption: 0.17 kW/th
Cooling fan: 2
Total number of hash boards: 3
Powerplant: Whatspower P3 2100 W, 93% efficiency
Controller: Includes
Working temperature: -5 degC ~ 40 degC
Size: 335 mm * 125 mm * 155 mm
Weight: 4.1 kg
Network Connection: Ethernet
When the machine is running, Speed hash. It is important to long for from 0.5 t to 11.5 t need almost 8-9 minutes so
Please patient. It takes 7-8 minutes to complete and the hash speed is still 2000-4000 g / lokon in working order time.
When the running time passes, the hash speed will reach 11,500 g / curl-12,000 g / curl. Max. The speed of the hash can reach


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